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Sir when the admission process will begin for this year      02-06-2021          10:43:33pm    
Sir When Batch 3 Khelo India Pe Community Coaching Program Certificates Will Issue      07-02-2021          08:18:36pm    
I have not been informed about the online class for b.p.ed 1st sem      20-12-2020          04:42:52pm    
Hlo sir , when the merit list was declared for bped course .      08-11-2020          08:46:07am    
When should merit list of bed and mped will declare?      05-11-2020          11:14:17am    
Sir, BPEd selected candidates list not published yet?      03-11-2020          06:06:36pm    
Hii sir B.PEd LNCPE Triruvanathapuram selected list when ?      02-11-2020          09:01:12am    
Sar I want to take admission your University in my complete ,B.P.ed course to give suggestion      19-10-2020          02:14:16pm    
Will you plz give the adress of sai institute in alappuzha      19-10-2020          10:52:05am    
Where could I see the final selected list of BPEd      14-10-2020          10:50:00am    
sir namaskar test link will not open pls clarify about exam pe and coach pograma      07-10-2020          09:52:28pm    
Please let me know Batch 2 Pe, com. Coa. Program, 11Aug to 4Sep 2020 participation certificate (attendance 100%)      06-10-2020          09:38:26pm    
how to login tommorrow exame , and please send to me detail to my mail ID, Thankyou sir.      06-10-2020          02:54:38pm    
Can I submit my form newly again I had made mistake      04-10-2020          06:15:25am    
Related to 2 year B.Ped course      04-10-2020          06:10:04am    
Related to 2 year B. Ped course      03-10-2020          03:08:52pm    
I want to take admission in Mpe course....      02-10-2020          02:37:10pm    
How to get admission to 4 year Integrated BPED course 2020 and what about your prospectus      25-09-2020          12:58:24am    
How to get admission to 4year integrated BPEd course 2020      24-09-2020          09:23:23pm    
Please let us know about the PE And Community Coach program batch 2 exam date and study material.. Regards      16-09-2020          06:11:12pm    
Please let us know about the PE And Community Coach program batch 2 exam date and study material.. Regards      16-09-2020          06:09:32pm    
We will update as soon..      10-09-2020          11:39:46am    
I need guidelines regarding exams and study material      05-09-2020          08:26:27pm    
Dear sir/Madam, Is there any syllabus or study materials other than the study material [for the examination] which you have given in this site. If you have kindly send me the details my mail id is johnpeter.bpc@gmail.com.Do the needful.thank you      05-09-2020          12:40:01pm    
How can I find test numbers kindly      26-08-2020          07:01:08pm    
WHY?      20-08-2020          01:17:16pm    
WHY      20-08-2020          01:17:02pm    
WHy U R confising      20-08-2020          01:09:08pm    
U R given 12:30      20-08-2020          01:07:53pm    
Well one clarification. Do you just hand pick contacts number to take question or Do you disable the numbers you dont want to reply. Why are you organizing this platform? To learn to understand to clarify... right.. Then why hand pick question during Online classes.      18-08-2020          06:21:15pm    
How Do I Ask questions to the Panelist,during online class. It is really irritating since day 1 no one had answer some questions.      18-08-2020          06:16:35pm    
Respected Sir/madam will you let us know when the exam is going to held.      17-08-2020          09:27:44pm